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Welcome to ROYAL DIAMOND, our company with 50 years of experience and dedicated to the manufacture of products for the electromechanical and electronic industry, has always stood out for its commitment to meet your electrical insulation needs and offer a wide variety of products in electrical insulation.

We are specialized in the manufacture of resins and varnishes. Our ability to formulate and manufacture allows us to create products adapted to every need. We are present both in the winding workshops and in the companies that manufacture electric motors, transformers, generators, lighting and electronics.

our history


The Founding of ROYAL DIAMOND

Andreu Miró Corminas, Andreu Miró Esqué and the Mateu family founded S.E.G. ROYAL DIAMOND, S.A. in Barcelona. The enterprise begins with the manufacture and sale of dielectric oils.


DIAPOL products

Birth of the DIAPOL family of products to meet the need for polyurethane resins for electrical insulation.



Technical renovation in the Flexible Laminates manufacturing division. The incorporation of high technology machinery signifies a new step forward offering greater speed, efficiency and versatility to the market.


International expansion

New thrust to the Strategic Plan for commercial expansion with international reach. Creation of the new distribution strategy, appointing exclusive distributors and manufacture, stock and delivery guarantees.


Range of Flexible Laminates

Royal Diamond launches its range of Flexible Laminates for electrical insulation onto the market.


New organization

Organizational changes to deal with the economic crisis brought on by the oil embargo.

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